Peace of mind – COVID Season Pass Policies

Beaver Mountain realizes there are many questions about the 2020/2021 ski season. Obviously, the situation is very dynamic and changing daily. We understand our guests’ concerns surrounding the decision to purchase a season pass. We have every intention of enjoying a wonderful winter season at Beaver Mountain. In fact, we can’t wait! To address your concerns, we have readdressed price increases and implemented a “Peace of Mind – COVID Policy.” Please keep in mind, these are COVID-related policies only. For regular injury, illness, and relocation related questions, please refer to the season pass policies previously posted.

  1. The season pass spring sale has been extended through July 31. After July 31, season pass prices for adults will raise to $450 and juniors to $225. On November 16 passes will increase to $525 and $300, respectively. Day pass prices will not increase as previously announced.
  2. If Beaver Mountain does not open for skiing for the 2020/2021 season due to COVID, pass holders will receive a full rollover credit for next season. Basically, your season pass will be moved to next
  3. If Beaver Mountain is forced to open late, shut down early, or run intermittently due to COVID regulations, a credit of 1% per day will be issued towards the purchase of your 2021/2022 season pass. Snow-related opening/closures will not count towards this credit. For instance, if we were forced to close for 10 days, you would receive 10% of the price you paid towards next year’s season

Additional Questions & Answers
Can I get a monetary refund instead of a credit due to COVID?

  • No, the credit will be in the form of a season pass only. Instead of your pass being valid for the 2020/2021 season, it will be valid for next season, 2021/2022.

What can the credit be used for?

  • The credit will be for a 2021/2022 Season Pass only. If a partial credit is issued due to #3, the credit may only be used toward the purchase of a 2021/2022 season

I won’t be back next season. Can I use the credit for someone else?

  • This credit is non-transferable.

My child has a birthday that will put them in the next age range before next season. How will this affect their rollover?

  • Free child passes will not be rolled over. No credit will be issued towards purchase of next year’s pass. In the case of a rollover, for a child who is currently 11 who will turn 12 before next year’s season pass is available, the price paid for their season pass will be credited towards next year’s purchase price, the 12-year-old

I bought pass insurance. Does it cover this?

  • No, the $25 Season Pass insurance is for injury or relocation only

Will my $25 Season Pass insurance roll over with my season pass?

  • If Beaver Mountain is not able to open for the 2020/2021 season and you purchased the Season Pass insurance, your insurance will rollover with your pass. This is only applicable if the mountain does not open for the 2020/2021 season.

How do I roll my pass to next year? And how do I go about receiving the rollover credit?

  • If Beaver Mountain is not able to open during the 2020/2021 season due to COVID, all season passes will automatically roll over to the following season. If, however, Beaver Mountain can operate, any COVID-related closure credit will be applied to the purchase of your 2021/2022 season pass. This amount will be based on the price you paid for your season pass and how many days Beaver Mountain was regulated to close. This does not include snow, weather, mechanical or electrical closures. Opening and closing dates are based on snow depth and weather forecasts. Unless specifically related to COVID, opening and closing date variations will not be counted towards COVID

Are you selling Student Season Passes and will they have the same options?

  • Our Student Season Pass sale will continue as usual. The sale will start 9/1/2020 for $375. The Student Season Passes will also be eligible for the same credit as outlined above.