Here to keep you safe, every day.

We are fortunate to have one of the country’s most talented, dedicated Ski Patrols. The Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol is a part of the National Ski Patrol system. Our patrol is one of the largest all-volunteer ski patrols in the US and is one of the few all-volunteer patrols still around. There are several second-generation legacy patrollers on our staff. They undergo a rigorous, competitive interview process and many hours of classes and training in order to do their job, which entails:

  • Providing rescue and medical services to injured skiers within (and sometimes beyond!) the ski area boundaries.
  • Patrolling the mountain daily for injured skiers, dangerous skiers or boarders, or anyone in trouble
  • Checking routes for hazards
  • Helping clean up the mountain on On-the-Hill work day
  • Getting medical certification from the National Ski Patrol via the Outdoor Emergency Care standards.
  • Training for lift evacuation in the event of a mechanical failure of a ski lift
  • Avalanche rescue
  • Promoting ski safety
  • Promoting Mountain policies and more!
How to reach Ski Patrol when you need them:
  1. If you happen to be within WiFi range or the limited cellular coverage, you can call Ski Patrol at 435-946-3610 ext. 6
  2. Any employee can help you reach Ski Patrol. If you’re reporting an incident on the mountain, please try to have a good description of the location. You can walk into the Ski Patrol facility at the base of Harry’s Dream, the summit of Harry’s Dream, or the summit of Marge’s Triple. Any lift or terrain park employees can also help you.

Ski Patrol Tryouts

Every few years, we find it necessary to recruit candidates to help replace Ski Patrol members who have retired, moved from the area, or chosen a different path.  If you have ever wanted to try out for the Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol, now is your chance. Candidate questionnaires are being accepted through Jan 22. These can be emailed or dropped by the Logan Office. Completing the questionnaire does not commit you to the Patrol; it just allows you to see if the Patrol is right for you.  Please send inquiries and/or questionnaires to

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