Description of Mountain Adventure Skill Levels

LevelSkier SkillsBoarder Skills
Level 1Never skied before.Never boarded before.
Level 2Has skied before but is still working on controlling speed on easiest green terrain, stopping and turning.Can heel slide, toe slide and stop on green terrain.
Level 3Able to link turns and control speed and stop on green runs.Able to turn on green runs and to control speed.
Level 4Able to ski most green runs with skis parallel and ski blue runs with skis parallel through most of the turn.Comfortably linking turns on all green runs.
Level 5Skies parallel and comfortably handles black runs. Skies groomed runs with rhythm and flow. Is venturing into off-piste terrain.Linking turns on blue runs in any condition. Able to ride switch. Willing to attempt jumps and tricks.
Level 6Comfortable on all runs and in most conditions. Skies off-piste conditions with rhythm and flow and is able to link short turns on steep terrain.Linking turns with rhythm and flow on all black runs Exploring the whole mountain, all terrain and conditions and freestyle moves.