Beaver Mountain FAQs
  • Do I need to arrive early for my lesson?

    Yes. Please arrive at the ski area 30-45 minutes before your lesson. This will allow you time to register at the Snowsports School, as well as rent equipment if needed.

  • What should I wear?

    Please see our section on What to Wear for details. Dressing in layers of clothing allows you to adjust for increasing or decreasing temperatures throughout the day. Generally, cotton is not an appropriate material for skiing. Synthetic or lightweight wool layers are better.

  • Where will I meet my instructor?

    If you have scheduled a private lesson and have paid, you may meet your instructor at the Private Lessons sign directly behind the Snowsports School and Ticket Office. If you are participating in Learn-to-Turn or another group lesson and have paid, you will meet at the orange corral next to the Face Lift.

  • Do I need a lift ticket? How do I get skis/a snowboard?

    Unless you have purchased a Learn-to-Turn beginner package lesson, you will need to purchase a lift ticket at the Ticket Office. You can rent equipment from the ski and snowboard rental shop located on the lower level of the main lodge. Learn-to-Turn package participants will receive a voucher from the Snowsports School for their rentals, which they can take to the rental shop.