1. The cost of the Learn-to-Turn 1-2-3 program is $190 . This includes three (3) days of rental equipment (ski or snowboard), three (3) Little Beaver lift tickets and well as three (3) lessons.
  2. The Learn-to-Turn program is a progression of three (3) lessons enabling the participant to progress his or her skills throughout the season at their own pace of learning.
  3. At completion of three (3) lessons, a Little Beaver Season Pass will be awarded to the participant. This pass is valid ONLY on Little Beaver lift area for the duration of the current ski season. The pass may be upgraded to an All-Area Season Pass for $200. Children 11 and under pay $100 for the upgrade.
  4. If the participant completes the three (3) lessons AFTER the next year’s season passes are on sale, the participant may receive a Little Beaver season pass for the following ski season.
  5. The Learn-to-Turn 1-2-3 program is ONLY for participants who have never skied OR snowboarded before. Persons with prior snowsports experience may not participate; however, they can take the classes individually at the rate of $45 ($70 with lift ticket and rental equipment), with NO season pass issued.
  6. Equipment and lift ticket may be issued before the start time of the lesson. They are valid for the full day (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) but ONLY on the day of the lesson.
  7. Should the participant complete the three (3) lessons in less than three (3) days, the remaining lift ticket(s) and rental(s) are void and CANNOT be used.
  8. The participant is responsible for claiming their Little Beaver Season Pass from the Beaver Mountain Logan Office at time of completion.
  9. If a participant chooses not to participate in the Learn-to-Turn 1-2-3 program initially, but decides to take a Learn-to-Turn class individually, they may pay the difference in cost to join the Learn-to-Turn 1-2-3 program within 24 hours of their FIRST lesson.
  10. The Learn-to-Turn 1-2-3 program is non-transferrable. In the case of injury that would prevent further participation, a refund will be issued when the Beaver Mountain staff have received a doctor’s note explaining the injury. Refunds will not be granted for incomplete programs or changes in the participant’s personal circumstances. The program CANNOT be carried over to another ski season.
  11. The Learn-to-Turn program is for one (1) discipline only—skiing OR snowboarding. The participant may not change their discipline during the program.
  12. The minimum age for the Learn-to-Turn  is 7 years for skiing, 9 years for boarding.