Snow Sports School Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain Adventure On the day that classes start, do I need to check in at the Snowsports School Office?

No.  We have your children assigned to a group and are expecting them on-snow at the sign that reflects their level.

My children are 8 and 10 years old and have never skied.  Is this class appropriate for them?

All ages are welcome. However, level 1 usually has many young children and the first day of class often progresses slowly. Even though we will try to group the children by age, it would be better for your children to put them together in a semi-private lesson before Mountain Adventure classes start.  At their age they will learn much faster than the little ones and will bypass level one altogether.

I cannot remember what level my child is in.

Your copy of the registration form will state the level number that you have selected for them.  We will expect them at the number even if it is not a good match for their ability. Adjustments will be made as necessary.

How do I know what level my child should be in?

Each level has a description of the skills the student is expected to bring to the class. Please see the section Definition of Levels.

What happens if my child ends up in the wrong level?

The levels are not perfectly prescribed as all students develop in their own way. A cautious student may do better if they are in a group that is slightly below their maximum ability while an adventurous student may enjoy stretching to keep up with more skilled classmates. Depending on how parents have classified their children, a particular level may be more challenging in one session than it was in another session. Instructors will assess the students on the first day and throughout the series and shift students to a different group if they think it would be advantageous for the individual student and the entire group.

Where do we meet?

When you register your child will be place in a level according to ability.  Signs for levels 1-6, Freestyle and TeleTribe are spread out near the Snowsports School and Ticket Office and the Face Lift.  Level 1 will meet in the beginner’s coral next to the face lift.

Where do we find our children after the class?

You will meet your child at the sign where they started. For the safety of your children, instructors are not permitted to release the children into the lodge or to continue skiing on their own.  They must be met by a parent or guardian.

My child is 4 but already skis/snowboards well.  Can they join this class?

Yes. Skiers aged 4 and snowboarders aged 6 who can already ski and ride green runs and control their speed on a slope may join the class.  For young children who are not yet able to ski and ride independently we have the Rug Rats program.

What should my child wear?

When children are in a group, and away from the parents, it is difficult make adjustments to their clothing when weather changes.  Please make sure your child has all the clothing they need for cold and windy conditions.  If they are too warm it is easier to adjust than if they are cold and have no additional clothing.  Goggles and warm, waterproof mittens are essential.

Please see the section on What to Wear.

What will the instructor do if my child is cold, needs the bathroom, is unwell?

The instructors will strive to keep the children in class and enjoying the experience.  However, we do want them to have fun and if they become excessively cold we will bring them in to warm up.  Although our indoor space is limited, instructors are able to bring classes in to the Snowsports School to warm up and drink some hot chocolate.  Visits are kept short to maximize on-snow time. If only one of the group is cold or is feeling unwell, they can stay in the Snowsports School with the office staff while the rest of the group take a short run and returns for them. If they are not improving, we will take care of them and make every effort to contact the parents by notifying the lifts and announcing over the speaker system in and around the lodge.




I have never skied or snowboarded before. Is this the right program for me?

This is one-stop shopping for beginners.  When you register at the Snowsports School you will be directed to the rental shop, told where to meet, shown how to attach your lift ticket, advised on the weather conditions and anything else that may be of concern to you.  It is a group lesson and people learn at varying rates.  If you are unusually athletic and want to make maximum progress or you are extremely nervous and would like 100% attention of the instructor’s attention on you, a private lesson may be a better option.

I am afraid of heights and can’t imagine how I will ride chair lift.

Please inform the instructor of your fears.  They will teach you how to ride the chair and either ride with you or find another instructor to help you.  It is also possible to complete your entire first lesson on the surface lift.

Two of my children are too young for this class.  Why can’t they join in?

The minimum ages for Learn-To-Turn are in place to try to keep all participants in the group moving at a similar pace.  While it is possible for a 5 year old to learn faster than a 10 or 20 year old, it is unusual.  We don’t want the experience of any of the participants to be compromised because the instructor has to spend too much time helping young children.

What lessons are available for younger children?

Private lessons provide the most personal attention for any beginner but are particularly appropriate for very young children. For group lessons, we have WeeSki, Mountain Adventure, RugRats and Holiday Group.  Please go to these links and check when these programs are offered. They do not all coincide with Learn-To-Turn.


 Do I need to arrive early for my lesson?

Yes. Please arrive at the ski area 30-45 minutes before your lesson. This will allow you time to register at the Snowsports School, as well as rent equipment if needed.

What should I wear?
Please see our section on What to Wear for details. Dressing in layers of clothing allows you to adjust for increasing or decreasing temperatures throughout the day. Generally, cotton is not an appropriate material for skiing. Synthetic or lightweight wool layers are better.

Where will I meet my instructor?

If you have scheduled a private lesson and have paid, you may meet your instructor at the Private Lessons sign directly behind the Snowsports School and Ticket Office. If you are participating in Learn-to-Turn or another group lesson and have paid, you will meet at the orange corral next to the Face Lift.

Do I need a lift ticket? How do I get skis/a snowboard?

Unless you have purchased a Learn-to-Turn beginner package lesson, you will need to purchase a lift ticket at the Ticket Office. You can rent equipment from the ski and snowboard rental shop located on the lower level of the main lodge. Learn-to-Turn package participants will receive a voucher from the Snowsports School for their rentals, which they can take to the rental shop.


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